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Analysis of Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, one of the century's greatest anthropological works, deals with religion, science, and the end of the world; its major theme involves the symbolic nature of the title of the book. The theme of the cat's cradle is used throughout the book to represent many of the truths, as viewed by Vonnegut, that are found in society. A cat's cradle is essentially a game played by all ages …

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…C. 191), written by John/Jonah after the end of the world; this book is to be presented to God by him on the highest mountain as he freezes himself into a statue thumbing his nose at "You Know Who." In Bokonism God gives no meaning to the world, but man asks the meaning. God only replies that if there is meaning then man must give everything meaning. "See the cat? See the cradle?"(C.C. 122)