Analysis of Brooks and Red (Shawshank Redemption)

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Red and Brooks are characters with many similar traits and had gone through many of the same circumstances, but one main difference allows on man to survive outside of Shawshank and the other unable to cope with the outside world. That one main difference was a man named Andy Dufresne. Both Brooks and Red entered the confines of the Shawshank Correctional Facility as youths, but left its walls as old men. They both had seen …

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…had said, ďWhen they put you [in prison] for life, thatís what they take, the important part anyways.Ē The final stage of being institutionalized is the removal of all hope. Both Brooks and Red had gone through its final stage, but Redís friendship with Andy gave Red a glimmer of hope. Brooks and Red, although slightly different, were essentially the same in every way. Itís just that hope had set Red free.