An examination of Shakespeare's Portrayal of the Capitulation of Othello through imagery and language.

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Examine Shakespeare's Portrayal of the Capitulation of Othello. Othello, at the start of the play, ennobled by his exemplary service and invigorated by love, is a model of Renaissance humanity, dignified and eloquent; jealousy reduces him to raving savagery, his angelic poetry to an incoherent snarl. Even with such a poor introduction to the audience from Iago as "an old black ram" tupping the white ewe that was Desdemona, however early in the play Othello …

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…to himself after the murder of Desdemona as "he that was Othello" and he regains his own voice. His characteristic imagery is reasserted as Desdemona becomes the "pearl.../Richer than all his tribe" which he foolishly "threw" away. His "subdued eyes" shed tears "as fast as the Arabian trees / Their medicinable gum." The return of Othello's old way of speaking shows a strange attempt by Othello to put himself back together again before he dies.