An analysis of a passage of verse or prose written EITHER between 1590 and 1700 (excluding Shakespeare) OR in the 20th century, explaining the meaning and

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Sir John Davies (1569-1626) Zeal without knowledge is the sister of folly Brief Biography Sir John Davies was born in 1569 at Tisbury at Wiltshire. He started his career as a lawyer in 1595. Due to misconduct, he was disbarred but thereafter earned the respect of Queen Elizabeth and was reinstated in 1601. Before being reinstated, he published his well renowned poem Nosce Teipsum (Of Humane Knowledge) and shortly thereafter, his Hymns of Astraea. The Hymns were dedicated …

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…the world amended") and how she is actually capable of turning even the most ill-mannered man into one with good morals ("Gross times of iron turning into the purest form of gold"). Queen Elizabeth, Sir John Davies, claims is one such person with such morals who is actually capable of forgiving man for the sin he has committed. Thus when compares the Goddess to the Queen, the atmosphere is actually one of adulation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**