An analysis of If men could menstrate by Gloria Steinem

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From your perspective (male or female) how valid are the speculations offered by the author of “If Men Could Menstruate” Nothing With out a woman A hypothesis on a hyperbole is the best description one can render onto this piece by Gloria Steinem. The ideas present in the essay “If Men could menstruate” are so drastic and ridiculous, that it demands a second reading. These same ridiculous thoughts on this unique subject matter are generally …

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…and decorations for men. Steinem’s points retains there effectiveness and solidity in today society for the simple fact its still a man’s world and that is how it operates, however, hope is retrieved when one realizes that the world would not be anything without a woman. REFERENCES Book reference Saint John’s College Junior College (Belize) English Department. (1996). Advanced English Composition. Belize: Angelus Press Story Reference Steinem, Gloria. (October 1978). If Men Could Menstruate. 110.?