An analysis The Hard Life of the Teenager

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Collier, James. The Hard Life of the Teenager. New York: Four Winds Press 1972. 187 pages. This book has very real, accurate, and detailed accounts and examples of why the adolescent is usually rebellious, confused, lonely, and depressed st this period of time in their lives. Collier's book covers from the teenager's feelings of inadequacy to sex and the teenager. Mr. Collier gives examples of what he had experienced as a teeneger, as well as his friends, …

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…all the book answers many questions that parents have abvout the teenager and their feelings. Although I feel that this book has a great deal of good answers to questions about teenagers, the book is somewhat outdated. In general the main idea is true. I feel that today's teenager is more stressed and is expected to perform above and beyond their maturity level. Childhood is shorter and adulthood is quicker than even ten years ago.