An Introspective Look on Fate Concerning the Tragedies of Ancient Greece

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Is man free to mold his own destiny, or is he a mere thread on the spool of life the Fates, the three female deities of Greek Mythology, cut? Can in fact man, determine his life based on his own free will or will he be subject to the web that is weaved for him? The force, which controls the path of man, has been a long survived question. This inquiry remains unanswered, yet consist …

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…forces. If they had, no room would be left for free will, while man would have no responsibility of their own actions. The followers of Plato and Aristotle inevitably included the philosophers' ideas in their writings. Looking at the downfalls of Oedipus, in Oedipus the King; Creon, in Antigone, and Jason, in Medea, fate is a product of character, not planned by the gods, but foreseen due to the character traits of each individual person.