An Attempt at a Rhetorical Analysis of Frye

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The renowned Canadian literary critic Northrop Frye held a series of radio broadcasts, in which he presents his beliefs of literatures place in the world. In the sixth of his lectures, Frye culminates his study of the relevance of literature in the world. He restates his theme, and expands from “strict critical theory into the wider and more practical aspects of a literal training” (133). He builds on his earlier talks and tries to not only …

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…and brings a common voice of humanity to us all. The universal themes he discussed early on, he retreads with notions from modern society from, clichés to “the good ol’ days.” The conclusion to his talks is concrete, and flows smoothly except for the aforementioned ending. He well argued his view of the place of the imagination in society, and did it in a way, stylistically, that allows the reader to grasp his concepts.