An Analysis of In Search of Respect

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In Search of Respect An Analysis of the Work of Bourgois In his book, In Search of Respect, Philippe Bourgois discussed his experiences living in El Barrio (East Harlem). An interesting new insight into the street culture found in New York was captured in this book. The amount of poverty in this portion of our country is much higher than that in most other areas. Bourgois argues that this neighborhood, which is well known for …

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…this community. The way in which he writes also compliments his argument by drawing the reader in and making him feel like he himself were there. Many may not agree with the solution that Bourgois suggests, but everyone who reads the book will re-think their own views before discussing them again. Works Cited 1. Bourgois, Philippe. In Search of Respect. Cambridge University Press, New York. 1995 Bibliography Bourgois, Philippe. Insearch of Respect. Cambridge University Press, New York. 1995