An Analysis of Competitive Processes Within The Games Console Market.

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The games console industry has been selected as exemplifying a relatively mature industry currently in a state of competitive flux. This industry traditionally renews itself every 5-6 years, as new technology advances make the previously impossible industry standard. Console gaming borne from arcade phenomenon which swept the globe throughout the 70s, promised the possibility of playing arcade-style games in home comfort. Advances in technology, in many cases, removed the need for arcade centres, a declining …

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…possibly) choosing to concentrate on other fields, e.g. software and merchandising, following Sega. Conclusion To conclude, future competition could be fought between two firms, the next generation being Playstation 3 and Xbox 2 (in development); unlikely that other firms will attempt to enter the market in the short term. In the long term, future technological console demands may incorporate digital TV screens, making them full PC substitutes, and the only entertainment unit required in the home.