An Aanalysis of Emily Dickinson's What Soft Cherubic Creatures

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Emily Dickinson's "What Soft- Cherubic Creatures-" Emily Dickinson's poem "What Soft- Cherubic Creatures-" is a poem that deals with the universal concept of hypocrisy; that is to say, one tends to show one face to the world which is merely a façade to hide the inner passions one has towards the outer world. Though Dickinson does not come right out and blatantly accuse us for being hypocrites, it is the diction and literary style …

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…to those who are found to practice it, yet all the while if we just look closer at our selves we can easily find that we too are guilty in one form or another of hypocrisy. As Emily Dickinson alluded to in her poem, hypocrisy is just one of the many 'freckles' or imperfections in our human persona which hinders us from reaching our full potential and will continue to cause conflict throughout the world.