Amy Tan - The Joy Luck Club

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What is the significance of Suyuan's secret about her abandoned babies, in the relationship with her daughter, June? What significance was attached to the swan feather and how is it important/relevant? Suyuan lost hope in Kweilin, she lost hope for herself when she abandoned the babies on the side of the road. When she went to America, she could leave all this behind. She had high hopes for her Daughter June, the swan feather …

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…her sisters, all of Suyuan's hopes and good intentions. The relationship that June and Suyuan had between each other was far from perfect. This is partially because of Suyuan failing the babies she left behind in China, it affects her and the relationship she has with June. The swan feather represents the dreams Suyuan hoped for when she left China. The swan feather shows that Suyuan has always hoped for the very best for June.