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Amphitryon The play Amphitryon, by Plautus, revolves around a small circle of characters. The major roles in the play are those of Amphitryon, Jove, and Alcamena. Two slightly lesser roles, though of equal importance, are those of Mercury and Sosia. These two characters act as main intermediaries for their masters. This is one of the similarities I found in their roles. However, I also found many differences in these two characters. I believe the roles …

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…of Sosia and Amphitryon. I believe that by examining the relationships of Mercury and Sosia with other characters in the play, I was more able to clearly explore their relationships. After examining these relations I believe that Mercury and Sosia are indeed more different than they are alike. The reason for this could be that one character has godly powers, but maybe not. Mercury seems to be just as common and scheming as any man.