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Americas TV Role Model What America needs is a family like The Waltons, not families like The Simpsons - at least according to President George Bush. A strange remark, given that one does not normally expect the President of the United States to pass judgments on television dramas like The Waltons, let along cartoon shows like The Simpsons. The producers of The Simpsons were quick to respond, by making Bart Simpson remark that the Simpson …

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…conformist, non-confrontational middle-age. Fragmented audiences, fragmented shows - fragmented TV culture. George Bush may be nostalgic for The Waltons, but it won't be long before politicians are nostalgic for the TV culture of The Simpsons. It is these ideas that have caused TV families to take over and set the example for actual families when in the past these roles were reversed. Today’s families are mere images of the ideas portrayed through American TV.