American Values Portrayed in Stripes

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America is interesting. It captures the imagination and attention of the world but almost all of the attention it receives is negative. A gas guzzling, beer drinking, loud, and highly violent culture are some of the more common attributes dumped on America. It is the mass murders, militia standoffs, and government scandals that make the foreign press headlines. Asia feels we are lazy and bloated with success. France thinks we are un-cultured, and most of …

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…in what they preach, and succeed in gaining recognition, whether favorable or not. It is here in America where being noticed, commanding power, and/or being original and dedicated, are the virtues that people respect and see in an ideal American. These are the people that the American public reveres as ideal. In this country, all the conclusions that have drawn about ideal Americans inevitably leads to equating the "ideal" American with the "noteworthy" American