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Values Of US Culture Both articles, “America 2000: Fast and Furious Fun” by Jerry Adler and “Shopping” by Don DeLillo, examine various things that Americans value as a society. It may seem at first that articles are quite different, given the content variations, however, there is a similarity in purpose that authors are trying to achieve and the audience that they target. Clearly, both authors take a look at what is available to people in the …

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…an atmosphere in which values of American culture have been significantly lowered. High commercialization of all aspects of live seems to spoil and compromise its quality. Thus, foolishness, irresponsibility and greed are the qualities that seem to prevail and rule in modern society. The authors of both articles attempt to raise readers’ attention to this unfortunate trend and try to carry over a message that perhaps it is time for Americans to reevaluate their values.