American Psycho

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Entrails torn from the body with bare hands, eyes gouged out with razor blades, battery cables, rats borrowing inside the human body, power drills to the face, cannibalism, credit cards, business cards, Dorsia, Testoni, Armani, Wall Street; all of these things are Patrick Batemanís world. The only difference between Bateman and anybody else is what is repulsive to Bateman and what is repulsive to the rest of the world. Bateman has great interest in …

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…are a way for Bateman to express himself in a different way than everyone around him does. Bateman doesnít have to flash a shiny business card at a whore to make her go to his house. The homeless people donít care if Bateman owns a tanning bed or not. The only thing that matters to Bateman is whether or not these people will scream, bleed, and die the way he wants them to.