American Parties from the Civil War

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This essay conains American party systems from the end of George Washington’s first term as president through the Civil War. Included are the creations, the building up of, and sometimes the break down of the various parties. As well as the belief in which the parties stood for. The Origins of the Democratic Party In colonial politics tended to organize and electioneer in opposition to the policies of royal, mercantile, banking, manufacturing, and shipping …

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…the slavery-extension issue, the group known as the BARNBURNERS left the Free-Soilers to return to the Democratic Party. But radicals kept the Free-Soil party alive until 1854, when the new Republican Party absorbed it. Concluded is knowledgable information about what the several politcal parties belived in, who created them, even why they might not have lasted. These different and sometimes similiar parties range from the end of George Washington’s first term through the Civil War.