American Dominance in Works by Ken Kesey

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American Dominance in Works by Ken Kesey The idea of having the power of taming an unknown, rugged territory has always been a significant goal in American society. The early American settlers came over to this continent to find a better home with the intention to conquer and make their surroundings fit their needs. In an interview with Ken Kesey, he said: What I explore in all my work: wilderness. Settlers on this continent from …

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…dark, and yet come out with poetry. (qtd. in Faggen 24) Ken Kesey continues to illustrate the American ideal of conquering new territory and transforming it into the way that suits them best. He shows how important determination to take the dominating role affects Americans lives. He is an author of the Beatnik generation and throughout his lifetime made significant social contributions. He led the country from Beats to Hippies with his influence through psychedelic drugs.