Always a Motive by Dan Ross

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When Dan Ross wrote the story Always A Motive, he developed the character of Joe Manetti to fit the profile of "a hopeless victim". The word hopeless literally means "one without hope"(86), one who's present situation is so bleak that he has no emotions regarding his future, and the definition of victim is "One hurt or adversely affected by an action beyond his control"(219). The author has accomplished an amazing feat, because when we examine …

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…was not out of anger or malice. He does so simply, he states, because "I wanted to see the face of a father who has lost his kid and then got it back"(112), something Joe himself has no hope of doing. All of the events Joe has suffered and all of the characteristics he displays can only lead to one forgone conclusion. Joe Manetti is indeed a helpless victim, in every sense of the word.