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Aluminium is a light metal used for making a large number of things we see and use every day. They range from Aeroplanes to soft drink cans. Aluminium is the most common metal found in the Earth's soil. Bauxite The first step in the production of Aluminium is to mine the ore, which is called Bauxite. Bauxite is formed by the natural weathering of sedimentary rocks which contain a high proportion of Aluminium- bearing minerals. …

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…processing plant by rail and belt conveyor. Manufacturing Primary aluminium can be rolled, extruded or cast to meke aluminium end-products. Rolling involves a block of aluminium being 'squashed' between large rollers to make products such as aluminium plates, sheets or foil. Extruding is a process in which round logs (billet) of hot aluminium are forced though a pattern cut into steel die. Casting occurs when molten aluminium is poured into moulds to manufacture specific shapes.