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Remarque, Erich Maria. All Quiet On The Wester Front. Fawcett Crest; New York. 1958 Glaser, Rollin O. All Quiet On The Western Front Notes. Cliffs Notes, Inc.; Lincoln, Nebraska. 1990 Erich Maria Remarque Erich Maria Remarque was born in Osnabrück, Westphalia, Germany on June 22, 1898. Being that his father was a book binder by trade, Erich was brought up in a fairly poor household. That did not stop him from receiving a wonderful education at his local “…

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…his past...slip through his fingers. Little by little, bit by bit, his sensitivity was hardened by reality. He felt that there was no hope in recovering to a normal life after the meaningless bloodshed was over. “The men that emerged from the trenches were marked for life by deep, irreparable psychic wounds. For these young disillusioned, the world could never again hold the same innocence it had when the century was just beginning.” (Glaser, 13)