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All Quiet on the Western Front is by Erich Maria Remarque. This book was an extraordinary war story. Remarque uses excellent words and phrases to describe crucial details of the book. Remarque had first hand experience‚ because he was a German in World War I. So he expresses his opinions through Paul‚ the main character of the book. One of the strongest themes in this book is that war makes man inhuman. From the author’…

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…become wild beasts. We do not fight‚ we defend ourselves against annihilation"(103). Here Remarque states that the German soldiers are only defending what they have‚ not attempting to take what they don’t. Paul says that they become something like men again after they get the food we need(106). Remarque is implying that the drive for food changes them into terrifying wild beasts‚ but when they get the food they change back into humans again.