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Samuel Dodd English 2010 Dr. King Dodd 1 Alcoholism: Symptoms, Causes, and Effects I am sitting at home playing Nintendo with my roommate, jake, when I hear a knock at the door. I wonder who in the world would be coming over this late at night, because it's after midnight. As I open the door, the tired, bloodshot eyes of my upstairs neighbor, Steve, stare at me. “Hi Sam,” Steve says. As he attempts to enter my …

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…Education and realization of the effects alcoholism can have on the different aspects of a person's life are the best ways that we can help control the number of alcoholics in the United States. Works Cited Caplan, Roberta. "Alcoholism." Academic American Encyclopedia. 1992. Gitlow, Stanley E., MD "Alcoholism." New Book Of Knowledge. 1991. Johnson, Vernon. Everything You Need To Know About Chemical Dependency. 1994. Vernon Johnson's Guide For Families. Minneapolis: Johnson Institute. 1998. McCarthy, Raymond G. "Alcoholism." Collier's Encyclopedia. 1974.