Alanis Morissette

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To those who think the generation that came from the 1980s lacks focus, here's one bit of advice ...take a pill--a Jagged Little Pill! Although she had only recently passed her 20th birthday. Alanis proves she possesses a wealth of insight and off-kilter sense of humor that's at once untainted and mature.         It wasn't always this way for Alanis, she's been famous almost since she was born. She was a running character on the TV …

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…I was an old soul." says Alanis. "They said I was always a little more intense and introperspective. Everyone was used to seeing, girls being girls, so they didn't know where to characterize me." It all boils down to this one fact:                  "I want to walk through life instead of being                           dragged through it."                                                                        WORKS CITED 1. Internet 2. Rolling Stones magazine Jan. 96 3. Internet 4. Internet