Agamemnon, Symbolism of Darkness in Beginning

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Throughout the ages of literature, darkness has often been used as symbolic in representation for evil, concealment, and blindness. In the opening of Agamemnon, the darkness that consumed the scene was used for effect in order to convey indirectly, themes of evil, concealment, and blindness. The theme of evil was clearly supported by the actions of the character. The play was one of murder and revenge, both of which are traditionally sinful in nature. Agamemnon …

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…he scene. Its significance is revealed it seems, only after much attention and thought. In actuality, the darkness of the opening scene reveals some of the most important themes in the play and its inclusion is far from accidental. The darkness represents themes of evil, concealment, and blindness. Each of the preceding themes is carefully interwoven within the storyline of the play and is very important to the overall understanding of the story.