African American usage of Magical Realism

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African American Usage of Magical Realism Magical realism is a literary genre that practically tricks the reader into believing elements of the supernatural. Those writing in this style craft very realistic storylines, characters, and settings using vivid details and a sense of accuracy to convince the reader that the elements in the story are realistic and entirely believable. Subtly and slowly, the writer creeps in elements of the supernatural at a pace that allows the …

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…an outside observer, the reader sees the story unfold and knows Ophelia has been cursed. The reader temporarily believes in Voodism. However, George is a non-believer and has never been exposed to Voodism. Thus, he thinks Mama Day is a crazy old woman when she suggests that Ophelia suffers from anything but an illness (295-6). He reacts disbelievingly, as the reader would had he not been lured into believing through the use of magical realism.