African American Bell Curve

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The bell curve of African American rights has risen and fallen throughout America’s history. The period between the Pre-Civil War Era and the Post Civil War Era, were momentous in displaying the status and rights of African-Americans in the time. As the Civil War approached, the status of African-Americans was an increasingly troubling issue among the American Public. During the War, the bell’s curve had reached its height. And during the Post-Civil War, …

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…and John Brown’s rebellion all marked the rise in the bell curve. The Civil War, and the Emancipation Proclamtion marked the peak in the bell curve. The 13th and 14th amendments, along with the Jim Crow laws and the establishment of the Freedmen’s Bureau all marked the decline in the Bell curve. 100 years later, the bell’s curve would reach its climax once again during the Civil Rights Movement, and once again, fall.