Affluent Society of the 50's and the effect on the youth of the nation.

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Following the Great War, the American people moved into a culture of consumerism where conspicuous consumption shined as an example of the desires in the hearts of the public to fulfill for the first time more than their needs but also their wants. Consumers filled their homes with belongings that were not affordable or even advisable for them to have just for the sake of them owning said possessions. This rise of consumption in the 20…

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…of the nation. Parents showed affection for their sons and daughters by purchasing them objects in an attempt to better their lives. This was detrimental to these "baby boomers" because they learned a false sense of love which was later shared with their children and now grandchildren. The Cold War ended in the 80's but the effects of the chain reaction that began in the affluent society of the 50's will continue for many generations.