Affirmative Action Speech

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Intro: To start off, I would like to present a quote from Historian, Roger Wilkins. “Blacks have a 375-year history on this continent: 245 involving slavery, 100 involving legalized discrimination, and only 30 involving anything else.” This quote makes you think, That’s a rough history to go through. The next thing that comes to your mind should be, well have things gotten better? And the answer is yes and no. Yes, we have come a long way, …

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…Conclusion: As you can see from the statistics we have gathered and the obvious non-use of Affirmative Action’s ability to effectively help keep a diverse working environment without the use of these so called “quotas”. Yes surely there are some cases of abusing Affirmative Action, but there are evidently a majority of more cases showing failure to use the powers of Affirmative Action. By powers, I mean the ability to select employees without discrimination.