Adventures on the Rapids

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Adventures on the Rapids "This could be your last meal," my mother jokingly said before we left that day. The day was bright, and the sun gleaming. The group packed into the muggy van, it was stifling hot, and downright uncomfortable. On a hot summer Missouri day, in the middle of July, your shirt clung to your damp skin. The mission: White Water Rafting. The drive to the river, where we would begin our incredible …

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…and yelling from above water. Then I thought to myself, What if I can't see images of my life seconds from now? What if I can't feel terrified? What if I can't see the people just above me? Abruptly, as if I was released from a funnel cloud. I was pushed into the stream. Now I was gliding downstream. My foot was released, my fear calmed, and the images weren't flashing anymore. I was safe.