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Adult Cartoons: Who's to blame? Over the years, cartoons have become more real and violent, which makes it harder for children to know what is real and what is “Ink and Paint”. The question is, are cartoons really to blame for the violent and negative behavior of children? Parents say that it is Beavis yelling “fire, FIRE”. Defenders of these cartoons would point the finger towards the parents. Either way, kids are imitating what they …

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…if the parents of the two boys involved in the Littleton Massacre had taken that extra minute to talk to their kids, countless lives could have been saved. Kid’s are very smart these days, and it is easy to assume they know right from wrong. If parents would take the time with their children, to educate them, to tell them that “Beavis” or “Kenny” is not real, then maybe a difference can be made.