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A Diary as a Documentation of Oneís Performance in Oneís private Life Alec Guinness writes My Name Escapes Me - The Diary of a Retiring Actor - in purpose of documentation of his performance to commit his story to the public record. In the diary, Alec Guinness, at 82, shows his wishes to spend his declining years as, "a retiring actor"; he has not done with acting; he is still performing; yet retiring. This …

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…the public. However he is unable to escape his role as an actor. This book seems to be written with the public in mind, but it does not reveal any deep personal sides on the actor; he rather seems to be just identifying himself in the publicís eyes at his retirement stage. Examples of Entries in works Cited Guinness, Alec. My Names Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor. 1996 London:penquin, 1997. Yoo-Kyung Cho