Act one of Othello

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What Is Shakespeare’s Achievement In Act I Of Othello? Shakespeare’s own personal aim was not to write a social and political reflection of his era, as many contemporary readers believe, it was; purely and simply, to entertain his audience. This does not mean that there can be no social and political reflections within Othello, it means that the reflections are there, not for the sake of social and political commentary, but for the …

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…the Moor”. He goes on to outhline the plan of “double knavery” that he shall use to split the lovers in an act of serious deception. The first act of Othello signals to the audience the coming themes of love and war, deception and trust and arguably; stereotypes. The issues Shakespeare brings to light, create thought and internal debate, this leads to the pleasure that Aristotle described; and achieves Shakespeare’s primary aim – to entertain.