Achilles and Socrates

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The concept of heroism is a central theme in Greek mythology. Achilles, the main character in Homer's The Iliad, accurately depicts the concept of a tragic hero. Throughout his many experiences during the Trojan War, he reflects heroic qualities, and earns his name as the purest, the highest and "the best of the Achaians." Similar to Achilles, Socrates demonstrates several heroic characteristics, in Plato's work The Trial and Death of Socrates. Through his trial, apology …

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…philosopher, and creator of new ideas also has heroic characteristics. His development of new ideas shows his ability to stray away from the social norms of society. Even though he moves away from some of society's social standards, he always remains loyal to his city and his community, while taking responsibility for his actions at all times. Both Socrates and Achilles, although displaying somewhat varying heroic qualities, were notable heroic figures in their own communities.