Achilles Versus Hector

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Achilles vs. Hector The epic myth the Iliad, by Homer, portrayed the plight of a war between the Trojans and the Greeks. Achilles of Greece and Hector of Troy are the heroes that are crucial in the myth. The two main leaders of the war are Agamemnon and Paris who can be inadequate at times. Achilles and Hector have conflicts that progress during the myth, as the war around them rages. In the war the …

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…When Achilles does renter the war, it is because of Patroclus’ death and his guilty conscience. The two heroes do finally meet and it is Achilles who is victorious through the trickery and help of Athena. Achilles in the way he reacts afterward Hector’s death is far from honorable. One can clearly see that Achilles and Hector are Homeric heroes, however it is Hector who deserves the respect and admiration of the hero status.