Achilles 2

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From the very beginning of the poem, the character Achilles is one of the major foci of the story. His actions of lack of actions have enormous effects upon how the plot unfolds. Starting with the fight with Agamemnon and his withdrawal from the battle, to the death of Patroklos, and finally to the slaying of Hektor, Achilles and his emotions decide the fate of many Greek and Trojan warriors. It is his struggle against …

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…a despicable Agamemnon, forced to linger and watch his comrades die, and, finally, forced into a destiny of early death and the loss of his dearest friend. Yet, as tragic as his character is, Achilles still is human enough to grant an old man a wish, though it hurts him to do so. Book 24 is not about Achilles the fighter or the hero, but rather the noble man that he is all throughout the poem.