Abigail Adams and Anne Bradstreet

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Dear Anne Bradstreet and Abagail Adams, I知 anxiously awaiting your arrival. I think your visit will be filled with shocking surprises and pleasurable impressions. Behind the boundless differences you will encounter, you値l also meet with your very own American nature. You値l notice that your longing for women痴 rights and independence has actually been granted (Adams 283). You and other women were unemployed and oppressed, and had no representation (Bradstreet 98, Adams 283). Today, however, …

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…and live successfully, yet survive through the hardships of daily life. Hopefully when your voyage in my world comes to an end, you値l have witnessed the ever-changing American life. You値l notice that even though we have accomplished many achievements through time, the world is still motivated to improve society. One last note, on your flight to the new Americas, be sure to fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!