A strategic marketing case on the MCC SMART.

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STRATEGIC MARKETING CASE MCC SMART 1.1 - COMPANY DESCRIPTION MCC SMART (Micro Compact Car) was established in April 1994 by the Mercedes and Swatch association. The Swatch main idea was to create an urban, simple, environment-friendly and inexpensive car for the new century. The name SMART is a combination of Swatch, Mercedes and art. The partnership between these two firms involves their respective knowledge about their specialities. Mercedes for the engineering and Swatch for the plastic know-how. …

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…the products portfolio, the SMART car can be view as a whole market, like the SUV or 4 Wheels market. SOURCES Marketing strategy courses Fortune, April 2002 - Philip Siekman Websites: http://www.daimlerchrysler.com/index_e.htm?/news/top/2002/t20109_e.htm http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/9323/smart1.htm http://www.lavozdelinterior.com/2001/0904/suplementos/automotores http://www.renaut.es http://www.smart.com http://www.seat.ie http://www.daewoo.com http://www.bmw.com