A sample resume for someone in the military moving into the civilian workforce.

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John Doe address Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx Email: xxx@xxxxx.com QUALIFICATIONS AND OBJECTIVES After twelve years in the U.S. Army, I have developed a unique set of leadership and management skills that are critical to success in today's economy. These skills have led to my high level of skills in cross-functional team building and leadership, crisis management, multi-cultural communications, change management, organization development and quality/performance improvement. EDUCATION:University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona BACHELOR OF …

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…training and development of 12 soldiers. Directly responsible for their professional development and personal growth and integration into a cohesive team. *Set the example for my soldiers by earning the Expert Infantryman's Badge. *Awarded 2 Army Achievement Medals and one Army Commendation Medal for exceptional leadership during field problems. Oct 89-Jan 94Mechanized Infantry Soldier city, state Responsible for learning basic Infantry skills for field, maintenance, equipment, technology and the skills for building a strong and cohesive team.