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Gamal Salama Eng 112 sec 051 6/20/00 Mr. Larry Johnson In a “A Rose for Emily” the author, William Faulkner, symbolizes the state of the post civil war south in the story of Miss Emily Grieson. This leads Miss Emily to be the center of the tale, a woman sheltered by her father as a girl and betrayed by her lover as a woman. The setting for “A Rose for Miss Emily” is in a post civil war …

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…say that the death of Miss Emily’s father symbolizes the defeat of the south and Miss Emily’s not wanting to let go of it, not believing that it has died, denying her father’s death, or in this case that the south has been defeated. All of which put the south in a state of disbelief mixed with sorrow, which leads to the start of the degeneration of the south and Miss Emily.