A man for all seasons- every man has his price

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"Every man has his price" Discuss with reference to 'A man for all seasons.' In the play, 'A man for all Seasons', Rich presents us with the idea that 'every man has his price'. The play looks at how every character except More, is able to compromise their principles in exchange for something that benefits them. This shows us that at the end of the day we all, other than a few, will only …

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…He clearly doesn't want to die for his beliefs or become a 'martyr' but he is given no choice. His 'price' is not met by anything on earth and even his love for his family doesn't come above his principles and love of God. This is surely why the play is named after him and he is 'a man for all seasons' meaning that nothing, no matter what, will be able to change his beliefs.