A journal analysis of health and nutrition related issues of elderly individuals, compared to those of young children.

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Nutrition 125, Assignment #3 3/20/03 Journal I: Factors Affecting Nutrient Intake of the Elderly Dietary studies often allow us to determine an adequate, healthy diet which fulfills the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). They allow us to realize crucial factors which play important roles in our daily intake of nutrients. However, the daily intake of various nutrients varies according to age, especially among the elderly. The number of Americans age 60, and over has increased from about 5 million in 1900, to …

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…be educated enough to realize that children need more than just encouragement to eat healthy foods. Children need to be shown proper patters, as well as understand why they must eat fruits and vegetables. Journal I : Family Economics and Nutrition Review, Winter 1999 p101 Factors Affecting Nutrient Intake of the Elderly Journal II: Journal of the American Dietetic Association, July 2000 v100 i7 p82 Behavioral strategies to increase fruit and vegetable intake by fourth-through sixth grade students