A femme fatalís tragedy

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A femme fatalís tragedy: Womenís mundane life In "Siren Song Many of Margaret Atwoodís heroines are independent, strong, and self serving. Those same characteristics are evident in "Siren Song." In "Siren Song," Margaret Atwood paints the picture of a mythical femme fatal who lures men to their deaths. The "siren" in the poem is contemplating her ability to seduce and lure men. But the end of the poem, she proves that her …

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…it works every time" (lines 26-27). This poem is very characteristic of Margaret Atwoodís work in that it portrays women as something other than angelic and harmless. Atwood typically writes about women who are analyzing and reviewing their lives. The siren in this poem reviews her life and its purpose, which it simply to attract men. But, in the end, she cannot change. She will always be singing her song, "fatal and valuable" (line 19).