A discussion of Martin Scorsese's films and the violent influence they have had on the American people

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Scorsese Our society that we live in can be classified as non-violent. From a distance, it is argued that our culture is built on war and hate but in reality, the average person has probably never physically hit someone. Children sometime enjoy a good wrestle here and there but the average adult tends to avoid getting into a physical fight with another person. So why is it that so many of us flock to the …

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…to follow through with it. Taking no time at all, Travis quickly fire point blank into Sport's (Iris's pimp) stomach after he told him to take a hike. Travis than proceeds up to Iris's apartment were he shoots at the manager and blows off his hand. In this scene, Scorsese was forced to make the blood appear less so that the massacre would turn into a sea of color and not a pool of blood.