A critique of Charlotte Gilman's The Yellow Wall-Paper

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A critique of The Yellow Wall-Paper Charlotte P. Gilmans', The Yellow Wall-Paper, written in the early part of the 1900's, is an excellent example of the common belief during that time which held that women were too weak to handle stress and as a result, often collapsed under it. During this time, society frowned on women who did anything besides cleaning house and raising children. It was believed that they could not handle anything else. …

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…Charlotte insight into herself. With the aid of her husband, solitude, and hallucinations, she gained empowerment. She proved to be a strong woman by triumphing over her mental condition. It was through her mental condition, that she gained an important characteristic - independence. As Charlotte showed, allowing another person to control one's life, is to do a great disservice to oneself. Charlotte's road to independence was not without consequence, however, the benefits were worth it.