A comparison of two classic film noirs

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The two films I chose to compare and contrast are my two favorite films of the course, Double Indemnity, and The Last Seduction. These films prove that although many years have passed, decades in fact, the plots of many film noirs have stayed the same. Through all the similarities however, the transition from film noirs of the 40's, and modern film noirs is very much prevalent. These films involve the most intricate of murder plans …

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…rself and others. To watch these wholesome, blue-collar American men let two women ruin their lives is a vicious development to watch. Watching from the comfort of our couches, it's so easy to see what is happening to them, but all they see is a beautiful woman who appear to be perfect, but are really far from such. Two great movies with equally good endings make them a true highlight for the entire noir genre.