A comparison of Archibald Lampman's The City on the End of Things

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The poetry of Archibald Lampman and Bliss Carman, while having some similar themes, have remarkably different styles. Both poets have written numerous poems dealing with nature, landscape, and the comparison between these ideas and the city. In "The City on the End of Things", Lampman deals with his vision of industrialization within the city, a city of nightmarish realism. In "Twilight in Eden", Carman also deals with a vision of civilization, how industrialization has changed …

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…city is destructive, while Carman based his poem on the firm religious conviction that city life has drowned out the voice of God. Both poets appealed to the audience of the day, in that it had become popular at that time to seek a life in the country in order to get away from the mad pace of the city. Both poets, though disparate in style, are effective in conveying their ideas to the reader.