A bird came down the walk.

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Emily Dickinson's poem "A Bird Came Down the Walk." is an excellent example of how poets use varying styles of rhyme and meter to bring a poem to life. Dickinson expertly uses meter to show how the bird acts on the ground and in the air. The rhyme scheme she uses changes in the poem to show the birds change in attitude. The poem is five quatrains long. In each stanza, except for the fourth, …

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…swim she is comparing the birds flight path to a seam, straight and precise. The change in the rhyme scheme was done on purpose to help portray the birds reactions. When used correctly meter and rhyme can help the poet convey emotion without having to say a word. Dickinson masterfully uses meter and rhyme to breathe life into her poem. Without her skillful use of those poetic tools the poem would be lifeless and dull.