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Sammy vs. the Grocery Store In the story, “A & P”, John Updike differentiates the views of Sammy and the store with many eye-catching techniques. By presenting the store as the antagonist, the reader gains Sammy sense of view about things through his close detail and humor of situations. Well before the dramatic opportunity presents itself for Sammy to quit his job, his narrative voice has established his individualism, imagination and his subversive sense of humor …

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…finds his jobs daily routine to now be typical. Another clue that symbolizes the job’s dullness is the description of the store, “… the cool of the A & P, under the fluorescent lights, against all those stacked packages…checker-board green-and-cream rubber-tile floor”. Sammys representation of his individualism, imagination and his subversive sense of humor already sets him at odds with his jobs dull routine well before the dramatic opportunity of quitting his job presents itself.